Are you one of the millions of U.S. residents currently suffering from substance abuse? If so, there is help available and it’s within your reach. Rather than wait until your addiction leads to tragedy, enroll at a quality Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Springfield Illinois. At Gateway Springfield, we can help you overcome addiction in your life today.

Don’t Face Addiction Battles Alone

The journey to true and lasting recovery will be one of the most challenging obstacles you’ll ever face. For many people, real recovery occurs only after many setbacks and failed attempts. If you’ve suffered one or multiple relapses in the past, try to not become discouraged. Total recovery is a day by day process that will happen when you’re truly ready to change your life.

Because of the many hurdles users face, professional rehab at a drug addiction treatment center is highly encouraged. When long-time abuse of mind-altering substances first stops or decreases, users experience a string of unpredictable withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms vary greatly in severity, but in general, they cause discomfort and powerful drug cravings. Even the most stubborn and determined person can give in to these cravings when withdrawal symptoms peak.

A Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Springfield Illinois can help you with withdrawal management. Specialists are on-site to monitor your progress and assist in the event of any rare but possible complications. During withdrawal, you’ll be supervised by experienced and compassionate experts who can try to ease the intensity of your withdrawal symptoms.

Reduce Relapse RisksDrug Addiction Treatment Center in Springfield Illinois. Join us today.

To significantly reduce your risk for repeated relapses, choose a top-level Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Springfield Illinois. Our programs can help guide you away from abusive behaviors and point you towards real change. If you choose us for your care, our addiction specialists will design a personalized treatment plan just for you.

The exact therapies that you need to conquer addiction depend on your history with addiction. Certain factors like length and volume of abuse and presence of underlying emotional issues will be taken into account before any treatment is administered. If you do indeed suffer from a co-occurring emotional disorder–like anxiety or depression–you could benefit from Dual Diagnosis Therapy. To achieve real results, your mental illness must be addressed and treated in conjunction with your substance addiction. Otherwise, you’ll likely return to substance abuse once you leave the safety net of our rehab’s walls.

You might also achieve greater results by undergoing exhaustive and targeted therapy with one of our qualified psychologists. If there is past trauma in your life, you can start healing these wounds and adopting healthier coping strategies. You can also develop a strong foundation for lasting recovery by building upon your social and life skills. Relapse prevention tools are also useful for maintaining lifelong sobriety.

Our Programs

Individuals who choose Gateway Foundation in Springfield for their Addiction Treatment can benefit from an impressive combination of recovery programs and therapies. For example, we offer programs such as:

Recovery Begins at Our Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Springfield Illinois

Don’t let fears or doubts about rehab stop you from seeking help. You can regain your sobriety and build a foundation for lasting recovery at Gateway Springfield. To learn more about our treatment programs and rehab admissions process, call our office directly by dialing 217.303.8020. We would like to help you identify the right therapies for your specific recovery needs at our Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Springfield Illinois.