It’s time to quit drinking. However, it isn’t easy. Alcohol withdrawal management is something that you know you should entrust to professionals. If you have questions about what will happen; Gateway Springfield has answers.

Why Do Withdrawal Symptoms Happen?Specifically, what is alcohol withdrawal management and alcohol withdrawal treatment Springfield Illinois?

Your brain adjusted to your daily drinking habit. Neurotransmitter regulation became dependent on the chemicals. Similarly, the brain factored in your drinking to speed up some processes. In this way, it counteracted the nervous system depressant effects.

Now, you quit drinking. Alcohol withdrawal treatment in Springfield Illinois helps you through this experience. It’s too dangerous to try doing it on your own. Because the brain now enters a state of over-stimulation, adverse effects are possible.

Examples include seizures and severe anxiety. Professional alcohol withdrawal management protects your health during this time. In about a week, you overcome the physical symptoms. Most importantly, it prepares you for the stay at the Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Center Springfield Illinois can count on.

What’s a Typical Withdrawal Schedule?

Although everyone’s alcohol withdrawal’s different, there are some commonalities. You’ll start encountering the first symptoms within eight to ten hours after your last drink. They start small. Your hands tremble, you sweat, and you feel irritable.

Over the next 24 hours, your blood pressure spikes and you feel nauseated. Panic attacks come on abruptly. On day two, there’s a chance of dealing with hallucinations. The other symptoms worsen.

Day three opens the door to the most dangerous symptom, delirium tremens. There could be seizures. Besides that, you may begin to feel better. By day five, you probably wake up for the first time without trembling hands.

Undergoing Rehab and Post-Acute Alcohol Withdrawal Management

As you enter rehab, the tremors, seizures, vomiting, and confusion aren’t an issue any longer. Your body stabilized. However, post-acute withdrawal continues on for a while. There are the mood swings that make it difficult to deal with people.

Similarly, you have a difficult time sleeping well. Cravings happen at the most inopportune times. You find yourself reasoning that just one drink won’t hurt. Because you only tackled the physiological addiction, it’s now time to focus on the psychological dependency.

Gateway Springfield can help with withdrawal management. For example, our therapies include:

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment, which is safe and effective for post-acute alcohol withdrawal treatment in Springfield Illinois
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment as a way to manage underlying mental health disorders that could contribute to a drinking problem
  • Seeking Safety, which is a form of coping skills therapy that benefits trauma survivors
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a method for replacing destructive patterns with healthy coping skills
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy that assists you with emotional regulation during this turbulent time
  • 12-Step Facilitation that encourages you to participate in peer support groups for long-term recovery

Why Choose Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment in Springfield Illinois?

When you quit alcohol, a residential treatment model is the best option. Alcohol withdrawal treatment in Springfield Illinois typically follows an inpatient model. Transitioning to a residential rehab setting is, therefore, easy. Of course, there are also other reasons that make this a good option for you.

Gateway Springfield therapists understand that stressors and triggers are all around you. They’re at home and at work. Besides that, they might involve people you are close to. Until you learn to deal with them, they could lead to early relapse.

Avoiding this problem is easy when you live at the facility where you undergo post-acute alcohol withdrawal management and rehab. Find out how you can begin making significant changes to your life’s trajectory today. Caring therapists want to assist you as you do so. Call Gateway Springfield intake specialists by dialing 217.529.9266 now.