For the millions of people who are suffering from addiction, comfort can be taken from knowing that proper Substance Abuse Treatment Programs do exist. The following information will help you learn more about substance abuse so that you can choose the ideal rehab center to fit your precise needs.

Understanding Substance Abuse and AddictionSubstance Abuse Treatment Programs at Gateway Springfield

Substance abuse and addiction issues can range from mild to severe. Typically, however, these issues will worsen over time. As a person continues to use addictive substances, he will get accustomed to the effects that these substances have. In turn, he will need to take more of them to experience the same results in the future. As the risk of dependence goes up, the person also becomes more likely to suffer from a full-fledged addiction. In these a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center can correct these underlying issues.

Elements of Successful Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Ideal Substance Abuse Treatment Programs generally consist of many different tools. The list below provides an outline of some of the most commonly used treatment protocols:


Personal and Group Therapy often form the basis of a successful rehab approach. Psychotherapy allows the individual to get to the bottom of the reasons behind their problems. In effect, this allows them to address these issues so that the problems do not occur again.

Community Tools

Once they are back to dealing with the stress of daily life, it can be easy for these individuals to become weighed down with anxiety. Community-based programs can provide additional support for those who have gone through treatment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapies are useful when it comes to helping people become aware of how they think about things. Many people do not understand that their thoughts hold great power. By changing negative thoughts into positive ones, these individuals can also change the resulting behavior.


In many cases, prescription medication may be used to help reduce discomfort and withdrawal issues. Anxiety, depression, and pain may be better controlled with the short-term use of proper medications.

Leisure Activities

Therapeutic recreation involves the use of leisure activities to enhance the healing journey. Anything from painting to outdoor recreational activities can promote inner peace, self-esteem, and healthy social skills.

What to Look for in a Quality Drug Abuse Rehab Center

Finding the right Rehab Center might seem difficult at first. By talking openly about your needs, you will be sure to find an Addiction Treatment Center that matches your desires and goals. Many people choose a Holistic Treatment center so that every part of the person can receive the care it deserves. Additionally, a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center may be helpful if the person is experiencing co-existing issues.

Supporting a Family Member Who Needs Professional Help

It is never easy to watch someone you love to remain in a cycle of pain. Take comfort in knowing that appropriate Addiction Therapy Services are available.For example, these include:

In the meantime, providing emotional support for your family member may be all that you can really do to help the situation. Try to let him know that you care about him and do not judge him because of his issues. By working together, your family can discover a peaceful state once again.

Gateway Springfield is a Substance Abuse Treatment Center in the Springfield, IL area. This experienced facility provides easy access to a wide array of holistic care options to ensure that each part of an individual is well-cared for. Additionally, the peaceful setting allows for deep introspection that promotes proper healing.

You no longer need to remain stuck in the harmful cycle of addiction. The ideal rehabilitation facility can help you overcome these challenges. Call 217.303.5334 to find out how the treatment team at Gateway Springfield can help you begin to heal from addiction issues. Learn more about our Substance Abuse Treatment Programs today.