The decision to get clean and sober is one of the best choices you can make for yourself and family. The problem is that during active addiction, many have financial struggles to afford alcohol or drugs. Although you want to get help, you may be concerned about paying for rehab. The great news is that if you have insurance, you have rehab insurance coverage for the best treatment possible.

How Rehab Insurance Coverage WorksPaying for Rehab through Rehab Insurance Coverage Benefits

For many years, people thought that addiction was a moral failing and that you could simply decide to quit drinking or using. Over years of research, it’s been discovered that addiction is a legitimate disease that needs to be treated. Throughout this research, there have also been studies about the most effective ways to treat addiction. These are called evidence-based treatment methods, and they work with rehab insurance coverage.

The Affordable Care Act has a part in it that makes all insurance providers ensure that they help with paying for rehab. However, they get to decide which treatment centers they work with. They want to ensure that you get the best treatment possible. Therefore, they want to work with Evidence Based Treatment Centers.

These treatment methods are scientifically proven to help to rewire the brain for anyone struggling with addiction. Now that science knows how addiction works, there are many methods that can help the brain begin to change. Through this treatment, you’ll gradually begin to have decreased cravings and see there’s a better way of living.

Evidence Based Treatment and Rehab Insurance Coverage

Addiction is a disease of the mind that involves the rewiring of neural pathways in the pleasure and reward systems of the brain. This all starts with a trigger, and when you do a behavior based on this trigger, your brain changes. Over time, your brain begins to experience intense cravings whenever you experience a trigger. Due to the fact that the behavior is the problem, this treatment is about learning to replace the old behaviors with new ones. For example, this is done through some of the following treatment methods:

CBT is one of the most popular forms of treatment because it involves replacing old behaviors. DBT is another therapy that practices mindfulness to help you acknowledge and experience your triggers. Over time, you begin to have the ability to work through your triggers without having to pick up a drink or a drug. You will start to rewire your brain and receive rewards from staying clean, and it gets easier over time.

Paying for Rehab Help at Gateway Springfield

Here at Gateway Springfield, we can help you avoid high costs of treatment by working with rehab insurance coverage. Your insurance will help pay for everything from medications to therapy as well as your residential stay. We have a trained staff here who provides high-quality therapy to help you begin a new life free from addiction. Through our program, you’ll see that there is hope that you can recover from your addiction.

To learn more about Gateway Springfield, call us today at 217.303.5334. You can learn more about paying for rehab through rehab insurance coverage.