It’s a common misconception that graduating from treatment automatically results in lifelong sobriety. In contrast, therapists recognize that long-term recovery requires effort. The Gateway Springfield Rehab Alumni Program in Springfield Illinois commits to helping recent program graduates stay sober. Here’s why it works.

A Lifelong Disease Versus a Short Stay in RehabRehab Alumni Program Springfield Illinois offers with Recovery Alumni and our Alumni Community.

Springfield Addiction Specialists work with clients for roughly 30 to 90 days. Inpatient treatment allows for immersion in a therapeutic atmosphere. Similarly, the step-down option to an Outpatient Program enables you to continue the connection. Besides that, there’s sober living.

However, there comes a day when you cut ties with the rehab center. You feel comfortable with your sobriety. Because you worked hard at developing coping skills, you move out on your own or return home.

The Rehab Alumni Program in Springfield Illinois lets you maintain a connection with peers. Most importantly, it keeps you in touch with the facility. Even though you’re out on your own, the relationship protects you. Consider that one to three months of treatment has to counteract a chronic disease that’ll continue throughout your life.

First Things First: Go through Rehab and Graduate

The alumni community consists of patients who went through the program. They might have participated in treatments that included group therapy sessions. Other examples within our Rehab Alumni Program could be:

Besides that, you undergo individual therapy sessions that help you target areas you want to change. These modalities combine to lay a foundation for recovery. After program graduation, you build on these lessons. Staying in close contact with the alumni community enables you to do so even if things become more difficult.

How the Rehab Alumni Program in Springfield Illinois Works

Gateway Springfield alumni support each other. Even as you go on and live separate lives, the rehab experience connects you. You understand that there will come times when situations trigger you. You commit to helping each other prevent a return to chemical dependency.

A variety of resources makes this step possible. For example, there’s the 12 Step Program that meets at the rehab center. You continue to be a part of it. Most importantly, you have others you can call on when you need help.

Next, there are counseling services you can ask for when you need additional assistance in our Rehab Alumni Program. Lives change, and you may encounter new triggers and stressors. Whether you undergo therapy at the center or ask for a referral, you continue your personal growth. However, there might come a time when relapse does happen.

Your connection to the alumni group protects you from returning to a life of social isolation. Instead, you receive encouragement and guidance to return to rehab. It can save you from making self-destructive choices. Besides that, the alumni connection may be instrumental in preventing a short relapse from becoming a new life of dependency.

Of course, before you become an alum, you need to enter rehab as a client. Gateway Springfield therapists gladly talk to you about customizing a care protocol for your needs. Also, take this opportunity to learn more about the Rehab Alumni Program in Springfield Illinois. Call 217.529.9266 today.