Addiction creates a whirlwind of chaos in your life, as well as in the lives of people who love you. Getting out of this whirlwind feels impossible, but with the right help, you can stop the madness. Through an inpatient drug rehab center Springfield Illinois, you get this help and the therapies you need for a healthier future. One of the biggest assets in your inpatient treatment is your Cigna drug rehab coverage.

Entering treatment can be very stressful, emotionally and financially. It may seem impossible to find outpatient treatment or an inpatient drug rehab center Springfield Illinois residents can afford without help. Many people hesitate because they do not understand that having an insurance policy helps make treatment affordable. If you have Cigna drug rehab coverage Springfield Illinois, you can use your policy benefits for this treatment.

Does My Cigna Health Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

female addiction professional helps male find Cigna drug rehab coverageA quick answer to this common question about using insurance for rehab is, “Yes, your Cigna policy covers drug rehab treatment.” Doctors today know that addiction is a legitimate disease. This means your health insurance must provide the same level of benefits for this disease as for asthma, diabetes, heart disease or other conditions.

Of course, the specific terms of your insurance plan determine how much support the policy provides for your treatment. But you can get quick answers to these financial questions by talking to a quality treatment center. Gateway Foundation Springfield Illinois provides these answers and insight into your financial options for getting the treatment you need. Start the rehab admissions process and addiction treatment professionals will be able to answer your questions.

Comparing the Cost of Addiction to the Cost of Rehab

One thing few people consider is how much addiction costs, in comparison to rehab treatment. When you enter a Cigna inpatient rehab center, you see the costs clearly on paper in front of you. But when you live in addiction and actively engage in substance abuse, you lose money bit by bit without seeing the total on paper.

If you suffer alcohol addiction and only spend 10 dollars per day on alcohol, your drinks cost $3650 per year. Drugs certainly cost more; many people using heroin, cocaine, or prescription painkillers spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars over short periods of time. Add to this lost money the costs of not earning income or advancing in your career. Then add the higher price of your health problems in addiction, including medical bills for frequent illnesses and accidents.

Of course, many people enter the criminal justice system due to substance abuse. Lawyer’s fees, judgments, court costs, and fines add to your expenses for maintaining a drug or alcohol addiction. At rock bottom, finding options like DUI Evaluation Programs and other addiction treatment programs can help you start working back towards financial freedom.

As you can see, entering rehab without insurance proves far less expensive than how much your substance abuse impacts your wallet. So having an insurance policy from Cigna means rehab actually costs far less than staying in your addiction.

Using Cigna Health Insurance Benefits For Rehab

In Springfield, Illinois, finding quality rehab treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction is easy. Gateway Foundation Springfield provides the programs, therapies, and support you need to build lasting recovery. Millions of Americans have enjoyed their own recovery success after Gateway Foundation treatment over the past 50 years.

Gateway Springfield programs include:

Call Gateway Springfield now at [Direct] to verify your Cigna drug rehab insurance benefits and learn more about available programs. Affording treatment is easier than you think, with an insurance policy.