You’ve decided to enter rehab and deal with the chemical dependency that’s wreaking havoc in your life. Because you know that Gateway Springfield is a nonprofit drug and alcohol treatment group, you’ve chosen this facility. Participating in the active recovery community that’s part of the experience is essential to you. Will Aetna drug rehab coverage pay for your treatment? Thankfully, you have a number of options when it comes to paying for rehab. If needed, Gateway Foundation Springfield will work with you to find drug rehab financing Springfield Illinois residents trust so you can focus wholly on your recovery.

Understanding Insurance Coverage for Substance Abuse Treatment

female addiction treatment professional helps man find aetna drug rehab coverageGateway Springfield routinely works with program participants who have Aetna coverage. Current legislation requires insurers to treat addiction as a chronic disease. Therefore, companies cover substance abuse in the same way that they would other conditions. However, there are variations to coverage.

These depend in large part on your personal plan document. Because it can get confusing to figure out co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles, Gateway Springfield offers help. During the rehab admissions process, intake specialists run an insurance verification. It specifies the benefits that you have available to you.

How Aetna Rehab Coverage Works

Aetna has a long history of providing quality insurance. It undertakes drug rehab financing Springfield Illinois residents can take advantage of. Options under your policy could include withdrawal management and clinical services. Most important, Aetna inpatient rehab centers and outpatient programs focus on evidence-based treatments that show success in helping people deal with chemical dependency.

What are Evidence-Based Treatments?

Gateway Springfield therapists use treatments that have a history of success. These are modalities that have helped others in similar circumstances heal. Therefore, there’s a high likelihood that they can assist you in achieving long-term recovery.

Examples include:

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment, which leverages pharmacological assistance for dealing with cravings and post-acute withdrawal symptoms
  • Group Therapy as a tool for including group mentoring and accountability in recovery
  • One-on-One Talk Therapy that lays the groundwork for psychotherapy and goal-setting
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as an intervention to heal dysfunctional connections between actions, feelings, and thoughts
  • Motivational Interviewing that can assist you when you hit a plateau and need a little reinforcement of goals
  • Trauma Treatment, which lets you process the significant events from the past that cause you problems today
  • 12-Step Integration to help you become comfortable with the support group setup

Additionally, Dual Diagnosis Treatment is another evidence-based method for helping you heal. Therapists recognize that in the overwhelming number of cases, there’s an underlying mental health concern. It might be depression or anxiety. You might have never received a formal diagnosis.

In fact, few people check into Gateway Springfield with a formal mental health assessment. The Aetna drug rehab coverage Springfield Illinois residents count on usually covers the testing. It allows you to find out if you’ve been self-medicating. Mental illness is a common contributing factor to your addiction. Therefore, it’s essential to rule out or treat the condition. By removing a significant trigger, you can move forward in your recovery. Patients who receive the treatment are also more likely to succeed in relapse prevention.

Choosing Your Treatment Delivery Option

You don’t have to pick an Aetna inpatient rehab center to heal. Gateway Springfield clients can succeed with partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient program participation. In both cases, you remain at home, where you have a strong support network. On the other hand, partial hospitalization programs are more intensive and may require you to take some time off work.

Outpatient treatment is typically something that you can schedule around work or school. It’s a good option when you have a moderate substance abuse problem. Determining which setup is best for you is easy. Our rehab admissions specialists assess your case and help you decide on the best treatment delivery.

You don’t have to wait to find out how much Aetna rehab coverage you have as part of your policy. Connect with Gateway Springfield today for verification of benefits. Call [Direct] now that you’re thinking about it.