With the right care, clients can start recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Treatment begins with the Rehab Admissions process. During this process, Addiction Specialists evaluate the client and their current needs. Afterward, the client gets the treatment they need to recover.

How the Rehab Admissions Process WorksWhat is the rehab admissions process like?

The Rehab Admissions process begins as soon as the client reaches out for help. After getting in touch online or via phone, the client can start getting help. Initially, specialists work with the client to determine their insurance coverage and treatment options. At Gateway Springfield, clients can use in-network and out-of-network insurance providers. Financing options are also available to help clients start their recovery.

Next, clients begin the assessment process. During this stage, an admissions counselor works to determine the right level of care. The client fills out paperwork about their usage history, health problems and personal needs.

Once the client finishes their paperwork, the next step is to discuss it with the admissions counselor. During this step, the counselor looks at the client’s medical and psychological history. They get an in-depth look at the client’s needs. Based on this information, the counselor will recommend the type of care that will work best.

After the assessment, clients can immediately enter their treatment program. They can also think about the recommendations to decide what works best for their needs. Once a client starts treatment, they can get the help they need to become sober.

Considering Different Treatment Options

There are many Addiction Therapy Services available. Some clients will do best in an Intensive Outpatient Program. Other clients need the intensive focus of a Residential Program. The client’s program depends on their usage history, health needs, and outside responsibilities.

For some individuals, an Outpatient Program is the best choice. Often, people choose an Outpatient Program because they have outside work or family responsibilities to take care of. Individuals who want a more intensive treatment can consider a men’s or women’s Residential Treatment.

There are also different therapy options available in each treatment program. The best rehabs use a holistic approach that treats the entire person instead of just focusing on the addiction. For example, depending on the client’s needs, they can get help through treatments such as:

Clients can get help through a program with 12-step integration and holistic treatment. Through options like motivational interviewing, clients can find the motivation they need to become sober. All of these programs treat the whole person for a holistic, person-centered approach.

Getting Rehab Care Starts Today

When someone has an addiction, they can feel isolated and alone. The right rehab helps clients reconnect with other people, their family members and fellow patients. Through Group Therapy, clients can rebuild these connections and start healing.

If you or a loved one suffers from an addiction, you do not have to suffer in silence. Recovery help is available. By starting the Rehab Admissions process, you can take the first step in your journey toward a healthier, happier life. To begin your sobriety journey, call Gateway Springfield today at 217.529.9266.