Learn more about our Outpatient Drug Rehab Center Springfield Illinois trusts.When facing drug addiction, the process of finding the perfect rehabilitation setting can be overwhelming. However, there are a variety of options when looking for treatment. For instance, you can enter our Outpatient Drug Rehab Center Springfield Illinois residents have come to trust. If you require flexibility and have responsibilities at home, this program may be the perfect fit for you.

Many people fail to enter treatment because of daily life responsibilities, such as their children or work commitments. Therefore, Gateway Foundation Springfield offers Outpatient Drug Rehab to provide effective therapies before you return home each night. This gives you the ability to meet your needs at home while remaining active in your recovery efforts.

The Outpatient Drug Rehab Center Springfield Illinois Counts On

When it comes to drug addiction rehab, Gateway is the largest not-for-profit provider of drug and alcohol treatment in the United States. We offer a wide range of programs that will identify the underlying causes of your addiction and help you overcome those issues for a lifetime of recovery.

At our Outpatient Drug Rehab Center Springfield Illinois trusts, you will immerse yourself in numerous counseling services and group therapy sessions. Each day in the Outpatient program, you will have a schedule with structure and unique, proven treatments to help you find your path in recovery. For example these addiction therapy services may include:

We’ll devise a treatment plan during your Outpatient Drug Rehab Program that meets your specific needs. This will likely include counseling services and a full continuum of care. From the day you start in our program, we’ll be by your side, committed to helping you build a new, exciting lifestyle without the need for drugs or alcohol.

Benefits of Psychiatric Services

In many cases, a drug abuse problem can be a result of a mental health disorder. However, a mental health disorder can also be the underlying cause of a substance abuse problem.

Therefore, the Outpatient Drug Rehab Center Springfield Illinois relies on will address all of these concerns during treatment. Through psychiatric services, we can help you recognize any mental health disorders you may struggle with that directly correlate to your addiction.

Next, we’ll help you develop positive behavioral changes and coping skills to improve your overall mental health while overcoming addiction. In fact, psychiatric services can be very beneficial and help you make major growth in your sobriety.

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Are you in need of addiction treatment, but have other responsibilities as well? Furthermore, are you looking for privacy and a safe, supportive environment to face your addiction? If so, reach out to the friendly staff at Gateway Foundation Springfield today at 217.529.9266. Learn more about the Outpatient Drug Rehab Center Springfield Illinois can count on for their recovery needs. For more information on Outpatient Rehab in Springfield Illinois visit the Gateway Foundation Springfield Outpatient website at GatewayFoundationSpringfieldOutpatient.org