An Intensive Outpatient Program Springfield Illinois can count on.Many people believe the addiction recovery journey completely removes you from the outside world. In some cases, this is recommended through Residential Treatment. However, an Intensive Outpatient Program Springfield Illinois trusts will allow you to return home each night after receiving valuable and proven addiction treatment.

With a variety of therapies and treatment, you can feel secure, safe, and comfortable while attending group sessions and training during the day. After your daily schedule of treatment, you can return to your home and family. As a result, you don’t have to fully remove yourself from your responsibilities, both personal and professional.

What is An Intensive Outpatient Program Springfield Illinois?

It’s common for many people to forego entering treatment due to their professional life and at-home concerns. However, our Intensive Outpatient program will give you the privacy and flexibility to focus on your recovery and tend to your daily responsibilities outside of treatment.

In fact, you will still receive the same treatment modalities that are introduced to our residential clients. IOP also includes a structured schedule of day-time activities. Moreover, you will have a specific treatment plan and counseling services to ensure you stay on track with your recovery.

For example, therapies and treatments available in our Intensive Outpatient Program include:

Addiction therapy is vital to the success of your program. Furthermore, these therapies can become the basis and foundation of your lifelong journey in recovery.

Recovery doesn’t end the day you complete the Intensive Outpatient Program at Gateway Foundation Springfield. With our guidance and training, you will have a lifetime of support to continue your recovery with confidence.

Therapy in IOP

During your time in our Intensive Outpatient Program, you will have a wide range of therapies at your disposal. For instance, our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will help you change patterns of thinking in a positive manner.

You will attend group sessions to work with others in similar situations of addiction. This will help you gain an understanding of your addiction while relating to others.

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With IOP, you can focus on your recovery without completely removing yourself from your family. This support network is vital to your growth in recovery, and our staff understands that family support can make a difference. We’ll work with your family to help them learn more about your addiction how they can make an impact on your recovery.

Therefore, contact Gateway Foundation Springfield now at 217.529.9266 for more information about our Intensive Outpatient Program. Take this opportunity to rebuild a better lifestyle and work through your substance abuse problems with our compassionate team of professionals.