When you experience a DUI in Illinois, you must follow set rules and meet certain requirements before getting your driving privileges back. Part of these requirements include attending DUI classes and undergoing a DUI evaluation before sentencing. Gateway Springfield simplifies this process by helping you meet your court requirements.

Court-Required Evaluation after Illinois DUI

After an arrest for DUI in Illinois, you must go through a drug and alcohol evaluation. This evaluation helps the state understand your alcohol or drug use history and condition. The purpose of this screening process is to know whether you pose a threat to society, due to your alcohol or drug abuse. You need this evaluation to satisfy court requirements or gain your license reinstatement through the Secretary of State.

DUI Evaluation and DUI Classes in Illinois.You need certain documentation for your DUI evaluation. This documentation includes your recent driving record. You also need a consultation checklist completed through a hearing officer, based upon the Secretary of State’s Office sworn report or your DUI police report. The reporting must include information from your arrest for DUI, including your drug test or breathalyzer results.

The process for completion of your evaluation after DUI classes takes about two hours. You go through a counselor’s interview. You also complete a questionnaire focusing on your drug or alcohol use.

The interview portion includes your demographic information, details of your arrest, and prior drug or alcohol offense history. Past offenses that work against your case include zero tolerance offenses, illegal transportation of controlled substances and other offenses related to DUI, drugs, or alcohol.

The interview also digs into your past alcohol use, legal drug use, and prescriptions. The interviewer provides a summary of their findings according to criteria of substance use disorder. When the evaluation ends, the findings gain final classification of your substance use as minimal, moderate, significant, or high risk.

The judge considers your risk classification with details of the evaluation and interview summary when sentencing you for your DUI. This sentencing specifies what you must do before gaining reinstatement of your driver’s license. Sentencing often requires people in your shoes to take DUI classes through an approved provider.

DUI Classes in Illinois

Your DUI evaluation recommends a set number of treatment hours according to your risk classification. If your class is minimal risk, you must undergo 10 hours of DUI classes. For moderate risk and significant risk, you need 10 hours of these classes plus additional hours of other treatment and education. For high risk people, sentencing includes 75 hours of classes with an ongoing treatment plan.

Because of the major role these classes and evaluations play in your future, you need help from state-approved counselors in a quality Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center. The only way you get your license back is by meeting the requirements of the law. So you need to get your evaluation and classes right the first time.

The first step you must take after DUI arrest is that of seeking a DUI attorney. This lawyer helps you meet the state’s tough requirements. You also need help from quality counselors highly familiar with the DUI process. This help takes place at Gateway Springfield in Springfield, Illinois.

Gateway Springfield Evaluation and Treatment after DUI

At Gateway Springfield, your mental and behavioral health come first during DUI classes. Therefore, your post-DUI treatment focuses on a clear assessment of your needs and to meet court requirements. After this evaluation, you gain a clear treatment plan that also meets your sentencing needs. Some treatment plans include:

When you experience DUI in Illinois, turn to Gateway Springfield for your DUI classes, DUI evaluation, and treatment planning. Start this process by calling 217.303.8020 now.