Many people experience trauma in their lives, but few ever seek help from a Trauma Therapy Program. Leaving your trauma untreated also leaves you vulnerable to physical and mental health problems, as well as substance abuse. In fact, trauma provides one of the most common root causes of addiction.

Who Needs a Trauma Therapy Program?

More than half of all American adults report suffering trauma in their past. Much of this is childhood trauma, such as abuse, molestation, or death of loved ones. Veterans also suffer extensive trauma, particularly that of active duty war service. Extreme cases of trauma lead to a condition called post-traumatic stress disorder, involving a range of symptoms and lasting effects.

Trauma Therapy Program in Springfield Illinois.Trauma is highly individualized. What does not affect one person can lead to lasting problems in another person’s life. For many people, not seeking treatment leads to uncontrolled symptoms, spiraling life out of control. To remedy some of these effects, many self-medicate using drugs or alcohol.

With self-medication soon comes addiction. The chosen substances stop helping symptoms like anxiety, sleeplessness, and depression, then making those problems worse. Addiction traps you in a cycle of drug using and drug seeking, never addressing the root problems. Only through addiction treatment with a quality Trauma Therapy Program can the devastating cycle end.

Does My Loved One Suffer From Substance Abuse?

With trauma affecting so many people and addiction being a consequence of untreated mental conditions, most of us know one or more people who also suffer addiction. Sometimes it takes work to recognize the symptoms of this substance abuse, dependence, or addiction. But if you look closely, the signs exist.

Therefore, how do you know if your loved one needs Addiction Treatment, possibly with Trauma Therapy Program help? Look for a range of signs, including:

  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Unusual behavior
  • Isolation or seclusion
  • Ongoing substance abuse
  • Failing to fulfill family or work needs
  • Excuses for behavior and lies to cover activity
  • Increasing secrecy

Not everyone shows all of these signs. However, if you suspect a problem exists, one usually does. As someone who loves the person who survived trauma, you can help them get the help and lasting recovery they need. With a quality Trauma Therapy Program, a bright future awaits your loved one.

Help for Addiction and Trauma in Springfield, IL

In Springfield, Illinois, addiction treatment help takes place at Gateway Springfield. This treatment includes a range of therapies, including those needed to heal trauma and move forward in wellness. Programs and treatments of Gateway Springfield include:

Treatment at Gateway Springfield includes a range of individual, group and family therapies. These therapies address the root trauma or other causes of addiction, as well as the addiction itself. Because Gateway Springfield is a non-profit organization under the Gateway Foundation, the program accepts your in-network or out-of-network insurance. Other payment options and financing also exist.

For yourself or someone you love who abuses drugs or alcohol and needs help from a Trauma Therapy Program, call Gateway Springfield now at 217.303.8020. Through this leading non-profit Evidence Based Treatment Center, trauma heals and a new life begins. Call Gateway Springfield in Springfield, IL now for the help you need.