Motivational Interviewing for substance abuse at Gateway Springfield in Springfield, Illinois helps you build motivation to change your own behaviors. This therapy works well for addiction, especially when used as part of a mix of methods and approaches. In Motivational Interviewing, you tap into your conscious awareness of how your drug or alcohol abuse damages your life. You can find motivational interviewing in individual counseling and group therapy Springfield Illinois treatment settings. With your therapist’s help, you overcome your fear of change to motivate yourself to achieve specific goals.

What is Motivational Interviewing for Substance Abuse?

female patient works with male addiction professional in motivational interviewingTherapists using Motivational Interviewing believe that people dealing with drug or alcohol addiction have at least some awareness of the damage they inflict upon themselves. This awareness includes other consequences of substance abuse, such as hurting others, causing legal problems and suffering money problems.

The therapy also works based on a certain amount of desire to end this addiction. In other words, you feel ready to accept and take on change.

If you meet with a therapist for Motivational Interviewing for substance abuse, that therapist guides you to improve yourself in several ways. This improvement focuses on overcoming the fear of change and building your self-motivation.

Will Motivational Interviewing work for me?

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) notes that about 23.5 million Americans need treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, according to the 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Among these, only a few million actually seek the help they need. Why? Researchers believe a lack of motivation keeps people locked in their cycle of substance abuse.

Your lack of motivation toward recovery comes from not believing you can live without the positive feelings of your drugs or drinking. Or maybe you deny your problem is as serious as others believe. A third reason for not feeling motivated is fear of withdrawal symptoms, cravings and other hurdles in daily recovery.

Sure, you can expect to grieve the loss of your drinking or drug abuse after you start recovery. But this feeling of loss goes away over time. Soon, you start feeling the positive effects of sobriety and realize how those effects prove much better than any feelings of your high. Surrounding yourself with other individuals focused on recovery can help these feelings grow. After treatment, finding a Springfield Illinois rehab alumni program can help you connect with like-minded individuals.

Of course, Motivational Interviewing for substance abuse is only one type of therapy. Many other types exist, particularly those in use at Gateway Springfield. Whether you need one therapy or multiple, your recovery benefits from combined methods and an individualized approach.

Springfield, Illinois Addiction Therapies

Whether Motivational Interviewing fits your needs comes down to an assessment through addiction therapy services at Gateway Springfield. Other types of therapies and programs of Gateway Springfield include:

To learn more about Motivational Interviewing for substance abuse and other available methods, call Gateway Springfield today. You can end your drug or alcohol addiction with this help, as millions of people have before you. In fact, Gateway Foundation has over 50 years of addiction recovery experience. So call Gateway Springfield at [Direct] and start looking forward to your better days ahead.