There’s been a lot of recent interest in mindfulness training. More and more people learn about this therapy that offers promise in various areas of personal development. Gateway Springfield therapists teach clients Mindfulness-Based Sobriety in Springfield Illinois. Here’s how it could help change your life.

How Being in the Present Is Harder Than You Might ThinkMindfulness-Based Sobriety Springfield Illinois can trust with mindfulness-based treatment overall.

Mindfulness-Based Treatment encourages you to live in the present. You focus on the here and now. Therefore, you don’t worry about tomorrow, next week, or next year. Similarly, you don’t allow your mind to drag emotions from the past back up.

Once you deal with a situation, it’s no longer an anchor point. Therefore, learning about Mindfulness-Based Sobriety in Springfield Illinois can eliminate chemical dependency due to shame. Besides that, it takes away triggers from past hurts, fear of future rejection, or concerns about things you did. This isn’t as easy as it sounds.

When working with clients who undergo the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Springfield Illinois can count on, there’s negativity. Patients have a difficult time accepting emotions or even the need for rehab. During this care model, you learn to free yourself from fear, anger, frustration, and self-loathing. It naturally leads into Mindfulness-Based Treatment.

How Mindfulness-Based Sobriety in Springfield Illinois Works

After you accept where you’re at, it’s possible to move forward. Therapists assist you during the process. Mindfulness helps you shift your focus so that it doesn’t rest on the great unknown. Having the future loom over your head is a mistake that many people in recovery make.

They want to get rehab over with as quickly as possible. Next, they can’t wait to live independently. However, many don’t deal with their fear of the future. Similarly, they don’t understand how to ground themselves in the present to prevent the fears from taking hold.

Therefore, many struggle with triggers they can’t identify or disarm. Gateway Springfield therapists understand this struggle. That’s why they prepare you for it. It begins with the acceptance of what was, what is, and that there’ll be hiccups along the way.

From there, you determine your stressors and triggers with Mindfulness-Based Sobriety. Psychotherapy helps you develop healthy coping skills. Modalities might include:

As you progress, you improve your ability of trigger recognition. Rather than allowing a situation to create a problem, you learn to accept it. Almost all patients have to work on accepting their emotions in these situations. Finally, you deliberately choose a course of action that isn’t an impulse act.

It takes time during Mindfulness-Based Sobriety. However, clients catch on quickly and cut down significantly on the stress they put themselves under. By the way, some of these modalities take place in gender-specific settings, which helps you feel safe to express yourself.

Check into Rehab Today to Benefit from the Treatment

Healing from chemical dependency doesn’t happen overnight. The combination of treatments and group opportunities work differently for everyone. That’s why some graduate from treatment after 30 days while others decide to stay a little longer. However, all have in common the need for grounding themselves in the present.

See how Mindfulness-Based Sobriety in Springfield Illinois could be your ticket out of addiction. Therapists at Gateway Springfield gladly explain the techniques and show you how you could benefit. To find out more or check into rehab today, dial 217.529.9266 now.