Is substance abuse and mental illness affecting the quality of your life? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of United States residents meet the criteria for needing treatment for dual diagnosis. Fortunately, you can undergo treatment at a Mental Health Treatment Center in Springfield Illinois that can address the symptoms of both your addiction and emotional disorder, simultaneously. You can finally get the help you need.

Mental Health and AddictionMental Health Treatment Center Springfield Illinois can trust.

Addiction is a problem that millions of people struggle with. A lot of people who have an addiction to drugs or alcohol are also living with some kind of emotional disorder, like depression or Bipolar Disorder. In a lot of cases, the addiction occurs first, and the mental health issue results from extended abuse.

When addiction and mental illness exist together, the individual is sure to experience feelings of helplessness and confusion. This is because the symptoms of one condition can worsen the symptoms of the other. When this happens, the user is caught between wanting to get clean and not being able to stop using.

Many people suffering from addiction and mental illness want to get clean, but their emotional problem makes it difficult to stay focused and/or committed. If you’re living with both addiction and a psychological condition, consider seeking help at a mental health treatment center in Springfield Illinois. You don’t have to fight these two conditions on your own.

How a Mental Health Treatment Center in Springfield Illinois Can Help

A mental health treatment center in Springfield Illinois like Gateway Springfield can help you in many ways. Comprehensive treatment can help you get sober and start making smarter decisions. Little by little, you can regain control over your actions and begin rebuilding your life. At the same time, you can improve your mental health and overall quality of life. If you forego finding treatment for both addiction and mental illness, you’ll remain at high risk for addiction, overdose, and withdrawal.

Dual Diagnosis Therapy during treatment works to address both the symptoms of addiction and mental illness, together. By definition, it is a treatment that addresses psychological imbalances that trigger and/or fuel drug or alcohol abuse. Compared to traditional rehab practices, it is a relatively new technique that has proven to be effective.

Find Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment at Our Illinois Rehab

A quality rehab like Gateway Springfield understands the close tie between addiction and mental illness. Our professionals work to treat both conditions in order to produce real and lasting results. we also provide our clients with some of the best Family Therapy Springfield Illinois has to offer. If you’re ready to tackle both of your problems head-on, we’re ready to customize treatment to fit your exact needs.

In addition to Dual Diagnosis Treatment, we offer programs and therapies like:

No matter how hopeless your situation may feel right now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You don’t have to stay depressed or suppressed because of your addiction and mental health problem.

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Don’t keep putting off rehab. The right combination of treatment programs can help you regain control over your life and learn how to manage lifelong sobriety. If you’re ready to take this first step towards a drastic lifestyle change, our team of experienced professionals are eager to help you begin your recovery journey. To learn more about which of our programs is right for you, call us directly at 217.529.9266.