When you suffer anxiety, life includes overwhelming bouts of fear, worry, and emotion mixed with the effects of substance abuse. This takes a toll on your mental and physical well-being. However, help is available. For many men and women, the best means of overcoming these problems is through an inpatient anxiety treatment center in Springfield Illinois. At Gateway Springfield, you receive the therapies and support you need. Finding the individual and group therapies, 12 step therapies, and mindfulness-based sobriety Springfield Illinois residents can trust has never been easier. Start working towards a more balanced life and freedom from the issues that led you into a downward spiral.

Does Anxiety Treatment Help?

female receives treatment at anxiety treatment centerAnxiety is a mental health condition that alters your behavior in many ways. Through extreme worry and a range of other feelings, you stop feeling fulfilled and satisfied in life. Instead, you feel confined, restricted and limited by your fears. For many people, this bundle of stress leads to substance abuse or other serious behavioral problems. Quickly, the cycle of addiction can take hold. Consequently, anxiety disorders and addiction must be treated together when they occur together.

Addiction and anxiety treatment helps you break free of these issues. In Gateway Springfield’s inpatient treatment, you receive the focused support and targeted addiction therapies that are proven to aid recovery from your dual diagnosis. At the same time, treatment professionals can help make sure you have access to any psychiatric medication that you need. In this way, dual diagnosis treatment treats your entire system.

An inpatient anxiety treatment center like at Gateway Springfield removes you from the distractions and pressures of everyday life. For this reason, you achieve more growth and recovery than in an outpatient setting. In fact, this environment improves your chances of avoiding relapse, too. You build greater strength in recovery through therapy and other parts of your personalized treatment plan. In sum, this plan considers your own needs, strengths, and goals.

What to Expect at Gateway Springfield

Gateway Springfield inpatient anxiety treatment center includes a busy schedule of education, therapies and other methods supporting your recovery. At this time, removed from the stress of daily life, you focus totally on your health. In the beginning, you retreat and target the roots of your anxiety or addiction. Then, you work to build the skills you will need to succeed long after you leave treatment. In the end, you gain the tools and skills you need for the long term. For example, anxiety therapy programs in Springfield addiction rehab include:

Of course, your recovery and future rely on how you engage in your addiction and anxiety rehab program. At your inpatient anxiety treatment center in Springfield Illinois, therapists guide you in learning about your condition and building coping skills for a less anxious daily life.

Why Gateway Springfield for Inpatient Anxiety Treatment?

Gateway Springfield is part of Gateway Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to the highest quality of drug and alcohol addiction rehab. This inpatient anxiety treatment center in Springfield Illinois continues the Gateway Foundation legacy of recovery for millions of men and women nationwide.

Find the right fit in an inpatient anxiety treatment center in Springfield Illinois for yourself or someone you love. We know the stress that comes with this process. You feel anxious about recovery, just as you do about your addiction. So think about Gateway Foundation’s lengthy history and track record of success for other men and women just like you. Then call Gateway Springfield at [Direct] to learn how you can become one of the millions in healthy recovery, thanks to the right inpatient treatment.