People may engage in many therapy types to manage drug addiction. While some are more well-known than others, each one has benefits for overcoming addiction. One counseling technique that not everyone knows about is Dialectical Behavior Therapy. What is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program (DBT), and how does it treat addiction?

What Is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a type of talk therapy that uses aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. With that said, it focuses more on the psychosocial aspects of treatment. However, what does that mean for people who don’t understand therapy terms?

Specifically, what is DBT, or a Dialectical Behavior Program?The idea behind Dialectical Behavior Therapy is that people are likely to overreact in intense ways during emotional situations. They’re even more likely to behave in this manner when the situations involve family, friends or romantic relationships. Keeping that in mind, some people overreact much quicker than most.

People who reach this level quickly are likely to have a higher emotional response as well. Then, it usually takes them a lot longer to return to their emotional baseline than the average person. Dialectical Behavior Therapy teaches them skills to cope with intense and sudden emotional changes.

How Does a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program Help Drug Addiction?

Since this technique helps people deal with emotional changes, it benefits those who struggle with addiction. The reason is because there’s a strong link between these changes and drug use.

When people experience strong emotions, they look for relief. Many of them don’t seek proper professional help, so they self-medicate. In most cases, they count on drugs to make them feel normal. The drugs stop or reduce their chances of getting emotionally charged for a short period.

However, this relief only lasts as long as the effects of the drugs. As a result, people have to keep abusing the drugs to get relief. The real goal is to deal with the root problem, which is the emotionally charged response.

In addition, people who experience strong emotions with friends, family, and lovers are simply more likely to abuse drugs. They’re around these people a lot, so they experience a lot of emotionally charged situations. A Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program can teach them how to deal with these emotions in healthy ways.

Get DBT Help at Gateway Springfield

Gateway Springfield is a not-for-profit treatment center that helps people like you overcome drug addiction through our Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program. To achieve this goal, we understand that we must guide you in dealing with the source of your problem. For that reason, we offer a large number of Addiction Treatment Services, including:

At Gateway Springfield, we offer treatment for young people and adults. In fact, our dialectical behavioral therapy is often a great fit for young people. They tend to struggle more with emotionally charged relationships than older adults.

Don’t let your intense emotional responses lead you to abuse drugs to feel normal. Find out if a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program is right for you. Reach out to us today at 217.303.8020.