What are the benefits of a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program?The struggles of addiction can be overwhelming. Therefore, your substance abuse may lead to or be influenced by behavioral issues in your life. Through our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program, we can discover these issues and help you develop new, healthy patterns of thought.

As a result, you can make better decisions in your daily life that will have a positive impact. In fact, this is a goal-oriented psychotherapy that gives you a practical approach to problem-solving.

Benefits of Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program

In life, you have to make decisions each and every day. These decisions are based on your past experiences, thoughts, environment, social circles, and family. As you begin to develop thoughts and feelings towards one thing or another, you will stick to those thoughts as a coping mechanism to face your fears and problems.

In our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program, we’ll address these problems and negative thought patterns. You’ll learn how to make more positive decisions, instead of turning to drugs or alcohol for relief.

The principles of CBT are to help you develop new strategies for tackling your day-to-day problems. For example, you may abuse drugs or alcohol as a way to overcome stress in your life. Through a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program, you will learn to overcome this stress in a healthy, more positive manner. This may include physical activity and fitness, developing new hobbies, or new ways of thought.

Further Therapeutic Services at Gateway Springfield

Outside of CBT, we offer a wide range of addiction therapy services at Gateway Springfield. For example, these include:

By combining Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with other treatment options, you can fully immerse yourself in the recovery process. This will help you focus on your sobriety while gaining valuable coping skills and relapse prevention techniques.

Once you complete a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program, you will be equipped with new ways of handling stress, anxiety, or other environmental factors that played a role in your addiction. Therefore, you won’t be afraid of relapse once you return to your daily life.

You can re-enter your community with new life skills and thought patterns that will make a positive impact on your overall wellness.

CBT at Gateway Foundation Springfield

The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program at Gateway Foundation Springfield provides effective behavioral services to put you on the right track in recovery. With our invaluable resources, you will find the confidence you deserve to face your addiction head-on.

Find new, healthy ways to cope with stress and other overriding concerns that can influence your substance abuse. To learn more about our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program, contact us today at 217.529.92667.