The Acceptance and Commitment Therapy program in Springfield Illinois functions as its name implies. This evidence-based form of treatment challenges a person to accept and commit to what it takes for a successful recovery.

Instead of trying to push away negative emotions, the person learns how to accept and understand their existence. Doing so gives them an honest space to address those issues at the root of their addiction. Ultimately, they commit to finding healthier ways of coping.

Core Processes of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program in Springfield IllinoisAcceptance and Commitment Therapy Program Springfield Illinois can trust.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy uses six core processes to guide a patient through recovery. Also referred to as ACT, these processes include:

  • Acceptance – The patient understands the concept of flexibility and acceptance. They learn how to stop resisting unpleasant emotions and work through them.
  • Emotional distancing – Encourages the client to be more objective about their emotions. This keeps them from becoming consumed by their emotions.
  • Presence – Teaches them to live in the moment. They become aware of what is happening while practicing controlling thoughts about their past and future.
  • Self-perspective – Shows the person how to focus on a constant state of mindfulness.
    Identify personal values – The patient is challenged to identify their personal values along with why this is important for having a healthy life.
  • Commitment – A person arrives at this part of the process committed to working toward embodying what is most important to them.

The Role of an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program in Springfield Illinois

For the person facing addiction, alcohol or drugs are the easiest way to finding a solution. Yet, the problem still exists and is probably worse because of the substance abuse. ACT has an important role of changing that mindset during addiction recovery.

A person is given the opportunity to face the reality of their challenges. The goal is to do so without focusing too much on the problems.

For example, a person may suffer from neglect and chronic abuse from their childhood. Their thoughts are now consistently self-degrading. They tell themselves “I’m a loser” or “Nobody wants me, I’m damaged goods.”

An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy session intervenes and helps the person address their thoughts. They begin to recognize that those thoughts and perceptions are not the ultimate truth about who they are.

What Happens During an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program in Springfield Illinois?

ACT does more than just help a patient distinguish between their behaviors and thoughts. They also become aware of what happens within when facing a triggering event. Exercises help them become more mindful of those inner experiences.

An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program in Springfield Illinois helps clients reinterpret painful events of their past. They learn how to identify avoidant behaviors that open the door to drug or alcohol use.

Their therapist might also use a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program Springfield can trust. This is another therapeutic option that helps a person manage painful emotions.

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