Addiction therapy services Springfield Illinois can trust.A staple and hallmark of addiction rehab is therapy. Moreover, there are a variety of addiction therapy services Springfield Illinois can trust at Gateway Foundation Springfield.

With a combination of therapies and treatment, you can find success in sobriety and a lifetime of recovery. These therapeutic options are integral to your growth in rehab and the development of relapse prevention techniques and coping skills.

Types of Addiction Therapy Services Springfield Illinois Can Trust

One specific therapy will not provide a solution to all of your struggles with addiction. Therefore, we take pride in providing numerous addiction therapy services for our clients to have the best possible chance at recovery. From counseling to psychiatric services, we’ll find the root causes of your addiction and help you work through them while developing new life skills and behavioral improvements.

This combination will become the foundation of your journey to sobriety and lifelong recovery. For example, our addiction therapy services at Gateway Springfield include:

With Dual Diagnosis, we can uncover any underlying mental health issues that may be influence your substance abuse. Specifically, many people use drugs or alcohol as a self-medication for a mental health disorder. However, in other cases, drug or alcohol use can lead to the development of a mental health problem.

In Dual Diagnosis, we will discover which came first, the substance abuse or mental health disorder. Finally, we’ll work with you to develop a custom treatment plan that addresses both issues.

Addiction Education Through Therapy

Many people believe addiction is a choice. However, this is a disease that requires proven and effective treatment. Through our addiction therapy services, you’ll learn more about your addiction and the different factors that can play a role.

Without this knowledge, you are more likely to return to substance abuse after you leave our facility. In fact, this can also lead to deadly overdose. With that in mind, our professional staff will make sure you have gained an understanding of your addiction and what it takes to overcome these challenges in recovery.

Find Sobriety At Gateway Foundation Springfield

You can gain a new lease on life with our help at Gateway Foundation Springfield. Furthermore, don’t let your addiction take control of your life with no end in sight.

At Gateway Springfield, our addiction therapy services provide that light through awareness, education, guidance, and more. Make each day count in recovery with our friendly, supportive, and compassionate staff. For more information, contact us today at 217.529.9266.